Escape from spaceship the Exodus, that has set course straight towards the sun. Reach for the last escape-pod left in a match against time and the other team.


Watch the game live and look at the screens that broadcast the match, hosted by the inner system of the Exodus that went hostile against her passengers.


Attend from within VR and get a clear view of the match, being able to interact and influence the match.

Turn VR into a social event and make everybody become part of the experience. Turn the place upside down, where it’s not only great to play, but also to watch and cheer. Involve spectators by witnessing the full body experience on the playground, as well as on screen showing the VR match like a television show. Interact with players that notice the help from their friends! Play Exodus Burned Location Based or at a Pop-Up event.

The tournament will continuously be updated with new challenges serving the community with brand new gameplay and difficulty levels. This encourages players to improve their skills and sets replay value in the competition that guarantees no match will be the same. At request competitions can even be tailor made.

VRee technology enables EXODUS BURNED to be played with just a harness and a standalone VR headset, avoiding the need for having vulnerable laptops on the back of the player that can be damaged. This increases immersion, resulting in players to dare more extravagant moves, that are exciting to look at as a spectator.


  • THE ONLY real wireless full body VR solution (VRee technology)
  • 15 minutes to be operational
  • Only requirement is one power socket
  • user friendly operator module
  • Ingame advertisement
  • possibilities for spectator interaction
  • Low costs, high attraction value
  • High immersive gameplay and full exercise

4 Players separated per platform or merged together

1 minute challenges as party-game or full body exercise